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Company Profile

100 € / Year plus VAT

  • Show interested candidates who you are
  • All information relevant on one platform
  • Many possibilities of presenting your company
  • Various branding options
  • Free and fast set-up via online form

SAP Direct Search

Price on request

  • You get the full focus on the placement of SAP experts.
  • Our Premium SAP Direct Search subscription includes our premium flat rate SAP job advertisements and the direct approach to suitable candidates
  • As experts in the placement of SAP specialists, we recruit promptly and successfully
  • is very familiar with the SAP modules and SAP technologies
  • As a SAP job exchange and SAP recruiter, has a very large SAP candidate pool

SAP Job Ad Flat Rate

from 2200 € plus VAT

  • Use our premium flat rate for:

    • unlimited placement of SAP job ads
    • unlimited duration of your SAP job ads
    • we create your job ads for free
    • additional publication of your SAP job ads on XING, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
    • additional implementation of campaigns in the region of your location through our SAP network | Unique to SAP recruitment: the combination of SAP Job Board and SAP Recruiter

With you have the full focus on SAP. is very familiar with the SAP modules and SAP technologies. Finding the right SAP expert for your company requires full commitment. As experts in the placement of SAP specialists, we promptly and successfully recruit the most suitable candidates for your vacancy in permanent employment or on a project basis. Since acts as a SAP job board and as a SAP recruiter, we have a very large SAP candidate pool.
New SAP experts are added every day.

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