SAP Recruiting | 3 Products, 1 Goal

To occupy every SAP Job!

Company Profile

100 € / Year plus VAT

  • Show interested candidates who you are
  • All information relevant on one platform
  • Many possibilities of presenting your company
  • Various branding options
  • Free and fast set-up via online form

SAP Direct Search

Price on request

  • You get the full focus on the placement of SAP experts.
  • Our Premium SAP Direct Search subscription includes our premium flat rate SAP job advertisements and the direct approach to suitable candidates
  • As experts in the placement of SAP specialists, we recruit promptly and successfully
  • is very familiar with the SAP modules and SAP technologies
  • As a SAP job exchange and SAP recruiter, has a very large SAP candidate pool

SAP Job Ad

from 400 € plus VAT


  • 1 x SAP Professional (Duration: 60 days)
  • 3 x SAP Professional (Duration: 90 days)
  • SAP Flatrate: unlimited placement of SAP job ads (Duration: 12 months)


  • Social media boost (Posting of your SAP Job Ad within our network with more than 145,000 SAP experts on LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Instagram and Polywork)
  • Up to 4 work locations per Job Ad
  • Free posting service & monitoring of your Job Ad
  • Free Company Profile
  • Individual Job Ad design + logo
  • Job Ad highlighted in results list
  • Presentation of your Job Ad by email (JobAgent)